Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Silverado and 1800lbs of Hay

As you know, we live on a farm. On a farm there is always some work for a truck to do.
Yesterday, it was getting hay for the cows.
We buy our hay in 7 foot wide really Big bales which weigh 1500 ~ 2000 pounds.
I was a little worried about taking the pretty Silverado to do such heavy work.
I had to pick up the hay, then drive through down Houston for a TV appearance.
Driving through the horrific traffic with a load that large and heavy is NOT usually something I would look forward to!

But... Guess what? The Silverado carried that load as if there was nothing there!
The ride was as smooth as it was when the bed was empty!
The extra weight didn't effect the handling at all!

After the show, It was time to head back to the farm.
Then time to feed the hungry cows.
We were getting ready to unload it when I began to worry.
I mean... It's a nice truck and all..
But can it's light and easy to use tailgate handle the massive weight of this round bale?
Our other work truck's tailgate is SO much heavier and awkward to maneuver.
The cows were hungry...
The hay was already in the truck.
I had no choice!
The boys unloaded it....

1800lb hay bale from Dana Clover on Vimeo.

The tailgate did fine!
It didn't snap,
It didn't bend.
I was thrilled that a tailgate so light would still handle our work!

And... this isn't some light airy bale of hay!
My boys are strong.
My boys are big.
And they had trouble moving it!

heavy hay from Dana Clover on Vimeo.

I am so impressed with this truck.
It has the comforts of a car.
But works like a mule!
Great Job Chevy!!


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