Thursday, October 21, 2010

Silverado v/s Slippery Boat Ramp

This weekend the kids and I went to the lake.
I took the Silverado and pulled my jet ski.
It pulled like a dream!
But, the jet ski is light, so that really didn’t tell me much about it’s towing capabilities.
So, after I dropped the jet ski into the water, I decided to go pick up 0ur big pontoon boat.
((insert picture of pontoon boat here, and… It would be! If I had remembered to put a memory card into my fancy “big girl” camera! Ugh!))
Our pontoon boat is 24feet long and BIG.
I got the chance to test out the Tow/Haul mode, Chevy says it enhances performance while pulling a trailer or hauling heavy loads.
When activated, this feature modifies the automatic transmission shift schedule and helps reduce throttle pedal activity by the driver while traveling over rolling terrain.

I loved it!
Pulling that heavy and wide pontoon boat was just as effortless as pulling the tiny jet ski!
I didn’t have to give it a second thought!
Great job with this one Chevy!
When I got back to the lake, I carefully backed it into the boat launch….
This is where I get nervous…
I have visions of my truck being drug into the lake on the slippery sloping boat ramp.
Chevy thought of this too!
With their locking rear differential!

When rear-wheel slippage occurs at lower speeds, the available GM-segment exclusive automatic locking rear differential allows additional traction on snow, mud and ice, or even on a wet boat ramp.
I lowered that big ole boat into the water without a single moment of slippage!
And…. it pulled it out like a dream too!
If you haul, drag, tow, or simply drive in Texas,
You’ve gotta try out the new Silverado!
DISCLOSURE: The Chevy Weekend Warriors Program is sponsored by Houston Area Chevy Dealers who are providing me with a Chevy Silverado to drive for a month as I blog about my own experiences. I was also provided with gift cards to complete missions I take in the truck. These are my own honest opinions.


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