Friday, October 8, 2010

They Thought of Everything!

I've been lucky enough to have the Silverado for a week now.
There are many features that I like.
Today, I thought I'd share one that most people wouldn't even think to check before purchasing a truck.
The tailgate!
My husbands truck is nice, but the tailgate is SO heavy! If my hands are full, I have to set down whatever I'm holding just to raise or lower the tailgate!
While I appreciate then upper body work-out I get while dealing with the tailgate, It is a bother.

The tailgate on the Silverado is so light!
I can lower it and raise it with two fingers!

Light Tailgate! from Dana Clover on Vimeo.

And another thing?
The tailgate on the Silverado locks!
It uses the ignition key, so it's handy and always around.
This helps keep my kids out of it!
Nice touch!

Stay tuned as I find even more great things in the Silverado.
Tomorrow... we go inside!


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