Monday, October 11, 2010

So Many Things....

The Chevy Silverado keeps exceeding my expectations.
Not only is it a beautiful truck, I mean LOOK at it! It's by far the prettiest working "farm truck" I've ever driven!

Sunday my youngest son and I were going to the Texans game,
Well, no self-respecting Texan would show up to a football game without their Team Gear!
So he and I loaded up in the Silverado and ran to Academy Sporting-good store.
We bought the place out of Texans T-shirts, hats, foam fingers, sunglasses, if it said TEXANS... we bought it.
Then we were off to do a little tailgating and to watch the game.

One thing I love about the Silverado is it's 20 inch tires that comes with the Texas Edition.
Driving in downtown Houston is not for the faint of heart!
These people drive CRAZY!
By the time I reach my destination, I'm usually ready for a beverage just to recover from the trip!
The Silverado is such a smooth ride.
Even in the horrific Houston traffic, I feel calm and relaxed when I get to where I'm going.

And.... In the Silverado, I sit high.
I can see what is ahead of me.
And, in the event of an accident, I feel safer being high...
I mean if I'm hit, I don't really want the bumper of a vehicle hitting my shoulder!

Oh! and did you know that The Chevy Silverado has breakaway engine mounts?
Yep... if it is in a bad front end collision, the motor mounts break and allow the motor to fall down.
That sounds MUCH better than the engine ending up on my lap!

Between the Silverado's ability to keep up with the work around the farm, and the comfortable ride, and the great safety features... I think I'm in Love!!

Next... I'll take you inside the truck..
Your not gonna believe it's a Big truck and not a luxury sedan!
Stay tuned!


dykewife said...

we'd need a full extended cab truck. with two family members over 6' tall (not me) we'd need it. i'm not sitting in the back seat and boy has to be plunked somewhere :)

Joanna said...

I LOVE Silverados! I'm glad to see that you've been enjoying this one as well! They are hard working, and definitely an easy ride. I prefer to have my hubby drive, but when I drive the truck it's just dandy too. :-)

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